BHS’s Top Ten Harry Styles Songs


Harry Styles, the modern rock star of this era is one of the most accomplished male solo artists. Singer, songwriter, and actor, Mr. Styles has two albums that have numerous awards. Both Harry Styles  and Fine Line were written from Harry’s deepest emotions and personal experiences ranging from the lowest and saddest moments of his life, to some of the happiest and joyful moments as well. His style of music is definitely unique ranging from rock, folk, pop, and so much more. I definitely recommend listening to these songs because of their emotionally packed lyrics and mesmerizing melodies.  


1. Only Angel

Only Angel is about a woman who Mr. Styles is hung up on which makes him dramatically want to “die.” The song starts off with the same angelic melody that Sign of the Times ends with as it breaks into his piercing scream. Only Angel is my number one favorite song because of the upbeat rhythm and unique melody. This song also gives off those intense confident vibes which makes it my ultimate hype song. 


2. Kiwi

Kiwi is about Mr. Styles’ romantic relationship with a woman that has a wild and loose lifestyle. Interestingly, Mr. Styles claimed in the past that the lyrics “I’m having your baby” began as a joke with his collaborators in the recording studio. Kiwi is a very intense, hard hitting rock song with shout screaming lyrics. The highlight of this song is Mr. Styles’ sound effects. I love this song because it’s very bold and instantly changes your mood. 


3. Carolina

Carolina is about Mr. Styles’ love interest, Townes Adair Jones. In his documentary, Behind the Album, he explained his blind date with Townes that inspired this song. He included her actual name in the lyrics making it very obvious. The song is light hearted and catchy. Interestingly, some of the background music was made by Mr. Styles using pots and pans to create a unique sound. This song is one of my favorites because it makes me appreciate older music styles since it has a very unique melody. 


4. Sweet Creature

Sweet Creature is about Mr. Styles experiencing a difficult time with a lover but still managing to find comfort in their presence. This song is full of charm and emotion leaving listeners with feelings of love but also feelings of being lost. This song is one of my favorites because Mr. Styles sounds incredibly passionate and genuine about his raw emotions as if he is singing directly to his listeners. The way he sings the lyrics with so much pain and vulnerability gives me the chills. 


5. Lights Up

Lights Up demonstrates Mr. Styles’ confidence and positive self worth. Lights Up was the first leading single of his second album Fine Line and it’s incredibly unique, unlike any other song. The lyrics celebrate freedom, discovering your inner self, and being comfortable with who you are. The striking lyrics, “Do you know who you are?” was used on billboards and street signs plastered all over New York City and Los Angeles to tease the release of Mr. Styles’ new music content. Lights Up is one of my favorites because it definitely leaves me feeling confident for who I am. 


6. Fine Line

Fine Line starts off really slow as Mr. Styles sings with such deep passion and emotion. As the song progresses, the sound builds up and the song eventually leads into a choir of trumpets, drums, and beautiful harmonies. The song is about the idea that life is a literal “fine line” filled with many ups and downs. Mr. Styles chose this to be the title of his album as well to demonstrate his viewpoint that life is neither entirely good nor bad. It is simply a “fine line” of both happiness and sadness. Mr. Styles himself recorded his own harmonies and instrumentals to this song. This song is one of my favorites because I connect to the deeper meaning of life being a literal “fine line.” 


7. Falling

Falling features a lot of Mr. Styles’ talent of playing the piano. The song is about regret and self realization of falling back into bad habits. Mr. Styles’ vocals are impeccable as they tug on the heart strings of every listener when he sings the chorus. This song is one of my favorites because I love how genuine Mr. Styles is with his emotion throughout the song as he is unafraid to show his vulnerability and flaws. 


8. Ever Since New York

Ever Since New York demonstrates elements of both folk and rock. This song is about Mr. Styles receiving bad news about his step father’s cancer diagnosis while staying at a hotel in Brooklyn. I love the lyrics of this song and the unique melody to it. 


9. Golden

Golden is the first track on Mr. Styles’ second album Fine Line. This song gives off those vintage 70s soft rock vibes because of the guitar and harmonies. Golden is about breaking out of your comfort zone and being more open in a relationship. This song is one of my favorites because it reminds me of the summer, driving down the beach as the sun is setting. This song has such a happy mood to it and it’s very uplifting. 


10. Woman

Woman has elements of inspiration from Elton John and has a very unique sound. The song is about Mr. Styles feeling tortured by his former lover. The lyrics show his possessiveness after a breakup. The opening lyrics of the song “Should we just search up romantic comedies on Netflix and then see what we find?” is one of its many highlights. This song is one of my favorites because the sound of it gives off confident energy in a way. The guitar solo in this song is also stunning. 


11. Meet Me in the Hallway

Meet Me in the Hallway is about Mr. Styles experiencing the aftermath of a breakup and how he tries to cope with the pain. This is the opening track of his first album and it’s pretty slow compared to his other songs on the album. This song is one of my favorites because everytime he performs it he shows his deepest emotions. This song is also appealing to me because it’s very calming in a way.