The Future of the “Snow Day”

The Future of the Snow Day

It’s on the mind of every student in the school: what happened earlier this winter when it snowed…will that happen again?  Or will the future of snow days be doomed because the pandemic has made virtual learning a thing? Obviously there are different opinions among administrators, teachers, and students.

BHS Senior Ayden Morales said–impulsively, of course–“I want the days NOW… also I want my dog to drag me on a sled at the golf course.” When I asked him about taking a warm day in May instead, he prompted “Now I’m not sure.” 

Michael Menz said, “I think we should go online because Memorial day is a very important national holiday” and he wants that sunny day off.

Most importantly, because he knows what’s going on, Mr. Healy said that “if we are cancelled due to the winter storm tomorrow, December 17th, it will be a traditional snow day with no virtual classes.”

But what about the future?