The Eagle’s Cry Interview: Jenna Parisi


Marissa Bulla , Reporter

Jenna Parisi is a Senior at Bethpage High School. She is a member of the National Honor Society and Language Honor Society. She’s a member of the varsity cheer and softball team. She is dedicated to working hard in school and has many passions.


The Eagle’s Cry: What is your dream college?


JP: I really want to go to University of Maryland, I also really like NC state and UNC.


The Eagle’s Cry: What do you want your career to be?


JP: I have applied to do secondary education specializing in science education; mainly focusing on biology or chemistry.


The Eagle’s Cry: What is your greatest achievement?


JP: I don’t think I have just one good achievement. I think I just have a bunch of small but pretty good ones. I got the AP scholar award in Junior year and I’m in the national honor society…and I’m in the Language Honor Society. I have a math endorsement and my advanced regents diploma.


The Eagle’s Cry: What subject do you do best in?


JP: I’ve always done really well in English. I think I’m just better at writing.


The Eagle’s Cry: What was  the best year of high school?


JP: Probably sophomore year. I really liked sophomore year, friends-wise and grades-wise. Junior year was actually really good, obviously more in the beginning. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What would you change within this school


JP:  I would change some of the classes that are offered. They have a Criminal Justice class, They have sociology classes and other science classes that I think are really cool. There’s a lot of more APs that our school could offer, so I think it’d be cool if we changed some of the courses that were offered in our school. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What are you most passionate about


JP: If I’m ever in a debate about school or something. If I believe in something, I will be very devoted to making sure that people understand what I’m saying. I want to educate people in things that I like. 


The Eagle’s Cry:  What makes you really angry?


JP: When I’m in a class and people are debating something, if I mention something and they just completely shut me down without me getting my point across. If people don’t let me talk because they don’t agree with me, they’ll just think I’m automatically wrong.