Coronavirus Perspectives: Freshman Edition

One day we were all living our ordinary lives, struggling to get out of bed for school. Normal life was under-appreciated as we would soon not see “normal,” for a long time.

On March 13th, 2020, an announcement was made over the loudspeaker at JFK Middle School to clear out lockers and make sure students had everything. Everyone was waiting for this moment as most middle schoolers were excited to be out of school. Students were to be prepared if the school had to close.


At this point, COVID-19 was at its start, and no one knew what to expect. The students and staff at JFK then found out everyone would not be back at school for a few days and from there, the date extended. Both students at Bethpage High School and the Middle school would not physically be back at school for another six months. 


For many, the plans for school were unpredictable. The question was if we were even going to come back. Many freshman students have had an interesting first year in high school so far with COVID-19, and had different reactions to the shutdown of the world and school.

“Schools closing down was surprising, but I didn’t think anything of it because I thought we would have two weeks off, and then come back to school and stay home the rest of the year,” said BHS freshman Isabel Norrito,  a virtual learner.

The shutdown of businesses, schools, and even restaurants shocked the world. This has been something new to everyone, and our new way of learning is definitely going to go down in the history books.

“I like going to school in person even with the new safety guidelines due to the coronavirus. The masks don’t bother me anymore, but the barriers are annoying when you knock them down,” said BHS freshman Rachel Cohen. 

Although barriers and masks are now needed to learn, students of Bethpage are grateful to have the ability to learn even with everything going on. With freshmen only starting their first year of high school this year, it has been quite the experience for them. Whether anyone is virtual or in-person, the new “normal” has become a reality and Bethpage has worked together to get to where we are now.