BHS Awaits the Return of Broadway


Ever since the attack of Covid-19, Broadway closed its doors on April 12th, 2020, and has still yet to open. They are scheduled to reopen in July 2021, however many fans wish they didn’t have to wait that long. Theatergoers across the country were left devastated, as many fans are in dire need of some musical action. 

“Broadway impacts my life by bringing what I like to do right in front of my eyes. It’s always something that has brought me joy,” said BHS freshman Maria Laina DiMartino. She has seen twelve Broadway shows and said, “Broadway shutting down has definitely upset me and so many others because it has always brought people together and opened up so many opportunities. Now, it’s not there.” 

To keep the spirit of Broadway alive, their Instagram account has posted many musical-related features to give viewers a taste of happiness. Many actors and actresses on Broadway have been so desperate to go back onstage.

For many, not only is Broadway a source of entertainment, it’s an escape from reality. Sophomore Olivia Flaherty has seen about 36 shows and explains that “Broadway is a way for [her] to disconnect from the world and be able to experience a story that can change [her].” 

Tons of fans wind up not just watching the musical, but feeling connected to the characters. Whether it’s listening to the soundtracks on repeat or putting roles on your “dream role” list, Broadway changes fans, who come together as one. 

“It was super-disappointing to find out about the Broadway shut down, and I really miss the experience of seeing shows”, Olivia said. “However, this shutdown has brought together the theatre community in a very special way.” 

The shutdown truly tested the theatre community’s strength on how much they will strive to keep the thespian spirit alive. 

Although the closing left fans miserable and missing the shows, we realize it’s very necessary to keep the actors and actresses safe. A global pandemic and singing (and spitting) onstage do not mix. Since fans want to make sure the lives of their idols are not endangered, these safety precautions are understandable no matter how much we all could go for some Hamilton right now.

Broadway stars encourage their audiences to maintain social distancing and wear a mask when they go out in public areas. As the theatre community awaits the opening of Broadway’s doors, we all must make sure to stay safe!