Halloween in Quarantine


Laci Waters, Reporter

Editor’s note: As with all Opinion stories in The Eagle’s Cry, the views in this story are those of the writer, and do not represent the views of BHS teachers, administrators, or The Eagle’s Cry staff.


      Halloween is considered one of the biggest holidays in America and favored by millions of people. Due to COVID-19, Halloween has been recommended to be modified for everyone to keep kids and families safe from the virus. Halloween is usually filled with parties and lots of trick or treating with friends. The government is urging you to stay home and watch Halloween movies with your families. Although COVID is still a big deal, some parents and teenagers think that if they take the correct safety precautions, they should still be able to go to parties and trick or treat like usual. 

         Some states are forcing new regulations on those celebrating Halloween. The state and health officials are asking everyone to stay inside with their families in pajamas and watch Halloween movies due to the expected rise in cases to appear this fall. Everyone has different inputs on how Halloween should be celebrated this year but the majority plans to take their kids trick or treating while teenagers plan attending parties. 

       Big Halloween events around the country have been forced to shut down like Halloween Horror Nights which take place at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and Hollywood, California is one of the world’s biggest Halloween events. Halloween Horror Nights weren’t able to take place this year because employees of Universal Studios couldn’t figure out a way to hold this event without breaking the new rules and safety precautions given by the state. My plans were affected as well because of the closing of Halloween Horror Nights.

      Parents are worried about the virus while wanting their children to get the full experience of Halloween. One of Bethpage High Schools English teachers, Mrs.Glassberg says “We will wear the proper PPE, sanitize ALL candy, and limit our number of houses visited to those people we know”. Even though her plans are modified, they will not limit the experience and fun her children will have on Halloween. “It’s all about the kids having fun!” says Global History teacher Mr.McCoy. He also states “If we are safe and protect ourselves and others by wearing masks there is no reason we can’t have a Halloween, We will keep a safe distance and wear masks.”  Mr.McCoy is also excited to send his kids trick or treating while promoting the safety precautions protecting everyone from this virus.

      Some teenagers didn’t have to modify their plans and were happy about the outcome of this year’s Halloween. “ I just went to my friend’s house to watch movies, like I usually do every year,” said junior Aidan Lauritsen. These teenagers stayed in with friends and had a relaxing day while others were more interested in getting out of the house. Bethpage High School Junior, Abby Ouslander says “I dressed up and went into the city with a few friends to get dinner”. Even though the pandemic is around for Halloween, everyone managed to make plans with limitations given by the health and state officials while finding a way to have a good time celebrating Halloween.