BHS Seniors Take the SAT…FINALLY


Raechel Park, Head Editor

As Covid-19 has taken a huge toll on our lives, we are slowly going back to daily routines. However, the infection rates are still high and schools are opening and reclosing due to positive cases. It’s been difficult for the class of ‘21 because when Covid-19 first surged in the U.S, we were supposed to be taking our SAT and ACT. Especially for seniors and juniors who have the pressure to take this test. So Íve asked a few upperclassmen to address how they feel.

A senior in Bethpage, who chose to remain anonymous, said she wished “that CollegeBoard wouldn’t continue with standardized testing during this time because it’s a waste of time and stress to study for the SAT/ACT when they get canceled last minute.”

Instead, she could spend time “finishing her college applications or schoolwork,” but she understands that “SAT/ACT takes a part of the college application but the circumstances are different because COVID-19 is a virus, unlike others.” 

A friend of mine outside Bethpage and at a greater risk of contracting Covid, said she “feels that Collegeboard just wants money and to waste students’ time,” especially seniors because she believes “seniors have a lot on their plate, not including testing. The majority of the seniors feel more burden and stress upon their shoulders, as do I, because we have to submit college applications that include our essays, supplementals, and more. The majority of the seniors believe that juniors should not take up the spaces for testing during this time because seniors have application deadlines coming up.” 

We understand that the CollegeBoard has a business to uphold and money to raise, however, we wish that the CollegeBoard would consider our positions as well. Upperclassmen are extremely stressed and are bound to break down weeks away from the application deadline. What do you think of Collegeboard’s decision of allowing standardized testing during this time?