The Eagle’s Cry Review: You must check out THE 100

The Eagles Cry Review: You must check out THE 100

Amalia Lal, Reporter

Netflix features many popular shows, but one of my favorites is definitely The 100, which is also playing on the CW channel. The popular show has six seasons and is soon coming out with the seventh later in 2020 (something good we can finally look forward to). I could literally watch this show everyday and it has the perfect amounts of action, romance, drama, and adventure.

 If you don’t know already, this show is amazing: we end up leaving Earth since it was destroyed, making it inhabitable. Inorder for people to continue to live, they enter ships and must live in space until Earth begins to show signs of life again. Years pass and the ships are running out of resources, crimes for little things turn into felonies and people are constantly executed inorder to maintain the population. Families are limited to only having one kid and if you have more, you can get “floated” (in the show’s terms). Teens who committed crimes, get locked into a prison until they are 18, and after that they can legally get “floated”. Once Earth started to show signs of life, 100 prisoners were sent to see if they could survive. Since they were going to get “floated” anyway, it did not really matter to the officials on the ship if they lived or not. Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake are some of the main characters but there are several more. They are mostly the leaders of the group and are trying to build a society on Earth once again. 

Lina Guerriero says, “The 100 is a great show and always keeps me entertained. The characters are great and it’s very interesting. There is always a lot going on, making it really easy to get into”.

Kayla Penge also stated, “The show is really good. I love how much action there is and you can never guess what’s going to happen next. It really keeps me on my toes.” Even though this show is really good there are some downfalls. These downfalls include some of the visual effects produced on the screen. Kayla also said, “There aren’t really many downfalls to the show, except if you’d like to count that visually it’s very dark for me. I kinda like when there is contrast and not when the screen is a dark black. But overall I really enjoy the show.”