Life During Distanced Learning with Nashrah Hossein

Nashrah Hossein is a good friend of mine and a senior at BHS. She is a person of virtuous character and charm which is shown through how she has handled current world events. So, I thought she would be the perfect person to interview for this article.

The Eagles Cry: Have you been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?


Nashrah Hossein: Yeah, actually some of my family friends and extended family members have passed away due to this virus. It’s really sad.


The Eagles Cry: What have you been doing to avoid the spread of the virus?


Nashrah Hossein: I do not leave the house as often as I used to, you gotta do what you got to do to keep others and yourself safe you know. I also keep a distance from my mom who is a healthcare worker.


The Eagles Cry: How has staying inside affected you?


Nashrah Hossein: I have more time on my hands than usual but I do miss talking to my family and friends face to face. This virus has made me appreciate all those who are working while risking their lives for the sake of others.


The Eagles Cry: What do you do in your free time to keep busy during social distancing?


Nashrah Hossein: I hangout with my family, eat, sleep, do hw, video call with my family/friends, and work on some hobbies. Staying up late…waking up late.


The Eagles Cry: Do you like the new school system? Do you think it’s effective?


Nashrah Hossein: I like the new system. I feel more productive because I’m not drained from waking up early. I feel more comfortable and I think it’s effective.


The Eagles Cry: What do you think about the protesters who want businesses to open again?


Nashrah Hossein: I think the protesters aren’t facing the effect of the virus first hand therefore they are protesting and violating the states guidelines of social distancing. 


The Eagles Cry: How do you think this pandemic will change society? 


Nashrah Hossein: In the future when all the precautionary measures that we’ve been taking are lifted I think people will be paranoid about a copy of this virus and be more conscious of staying sanitized.