25 Quarantine Activities!


Sara Northgard, Head Editor

  1. Bake something
  2. Start a new T.V series
  3. Catch up on homework
  4. Play board games with your family
  5. Take a hot bath/shower
  6. Go for a walk around your neighborhood 
  7. Find a new hobby
  8. Paint
  9. Take a nap
  10. Read a book
  11. Write a book
  12. Facetime your friends
  13. Make dinner for your family
  14. Meditate
  15. Clean your room
  16. Donate old clothes
  17. Watch youtube videos
  18. Make DIY crafts
  19. Shop online
  20. Do a color by numbers
  21. Do a puzzle
  22. Do research on a topic that excites you
  23. Play a video game
  24. Talk to your family members
  25. Be thankful for what you have and stay hopeful.