Birds of Prey Film Review (spoiler free!)


A superhero movie with an all-female cast, female director, and female writer Birds Of Prey naturally draws attention to itself. Oh and before you roll your eyes, no there is no male love interest that films oriented around women seem to so firmly grasp onto. Just a film with a bunch of women that are not to be reckoned with. A fantabulous film alike the title. This classification of the film was truly long due. 


This time around Harley isn’t Joker’s girl in fact she embodies the nickname she took upon herself, “The Cupid Of Crime ” in this anti-heroine adventure. A film embedded in amusing humor and comic book-like action, one can say Cathy Yan (director) and Christina Hodson (screenplay writer) hit the mark. 


The use of acrobatics generated a visually appealing picture as well as smartly staying true to Harley’s history through action. Overall the actors truly embodied what their characters represented and each one was distinguishable from the other. Whether you hated the male villains or loved the female heroes, each persona invoked different emotions from the viewer. 


Despite that all, the film did feel slightly rushed. The movie took too much time to build on character origins, therefore leaving less time for the plot to unfold. 


Full of sparkles and glitter the film may have seemed to be straightforward but there is a relatable, underlying meaning of finding oneself alongside the action.  Birds of Prey Film Review (spoiler-free!)