Should politics be left outside of school?


Back in 2016, The Eagle’s Cry held a political poll asking which presidential candidate the students supported. With over 600 entries, the poll was one of the largest the school has ever held. The results were clear: 58% of our school’s population supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Today, our school is clearly divided, defined by the politicians we (at times blindly) follow and believe. However, unlike most high schools, our population seems to be mostly Republican. Some argue that politics and our opinions on the topic should be left out of school completely. So this begs the question: did this poll go too far? Should BOTH teachers and students leave politics outside the classroom? Will this school forever be divided, defined by our political standpoint? Why should you vote for any of these psychopaths? 

The day after the 2016 election was perplexing. While most of my rather naive Republican friends (me included) festered in the halls swathed in Donald Trump regalia, the teachers came off as more serious and fragile. I remember some teachers tried to move on while others cried through class. Me, an ignorant 9th grader, I just called them “ignorant liberals” and continued on with my day.

To this day, our school is still largely defined by the political standing of the students. Students who lean toward the extreme left or right sometimes clash with those with different ideals. 

While teachers usually refrain from supplying the students with their personal opinions, some statements and personal opinions will slip through the cracks. This may seem risky…because it is: if teachers tip their political hands, students may choose to ignore their authority because of these beliefs. It may sound ridiculous, but some may choose to exclude you from their world if your political opinions do not jive with theirs.

Therefore, to avoid the absence of learning, the personal opinion of the teachers should be left outside of the building. However, this does not include unbiased information. It is important that the student does not find their political standing based on the ideas of their teachers but rather make their own opinion based on true, unbiased facts. 

After three years of maturation and plenty of political conversation, I finally found my true political standing on my own–I hate all politicians. I also hate all businessmen who try to be politicians. Here’s my breakdown of the three big contenders for the next presidential election: Sanders, Biden, and Trump. 


Bernie Sanders: “You want it? I’ll make it happen”.

So, you want “free stuff” huh? You think Sanders can take you to college by making 60 billion dollars appear from thin air? Think again. 


Biden: Brain Melting?

Here’s a list of some terriflying stupid things Joe Biden has said/done:

“Wait-your mom’s still alive”

Biden once told Chuck Graham to “stand up” at a campaign rally in 2008. Chuck Graham is a parapelegic. 

“Black Awareness”

“How do you spell jobs?”

Biden was once caught plagiarizing a law school paper.

“Mainstream African American”

And my personal favorite: 

“You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts without a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking”


Neither am I folks, neither am I.


Donald Trump

Do I even need to explain how much of a buffoon Donald Trump is? I think we all have enough information on the topic of his blatant stupidity. 

“Crazy Bernie”

“Sleepy Joe”

“Election Flu”


“Mini Mike”

So, when you’re voting in the next election, maybe don’t. Just remember, everyone’s an idiot. But maybe keep it to yourself in school, especially if you influence the minds of kids.