Mr. Walsh Interview: A Return to BHS


Amalia Lal, Reporter

Former student Joseph Walsh, Class of 2012, has returned triumphantly to Bethpage High School as a new math teacher, rejoining the Bethpage community.


The Eagles Cry:  How do you feel about being back at Bethpage?

Joseph Walsh: “Being back at Bethpage has always been one of my ultimate goals in teaching. I’ve taught in probably about three or four schools and they have been awesome with awesome experiences, but one of my ultimate goals was being a teacher and get a full time job which would be the ultimate get back here at bethpage and get back to the school I came from. It is just really exciting being on the other side from where I sat for so many years.”


The Eagles Cry: What are some hobbies that you have?

Joseph Walsh: “Some hobbies? Let’s see. I love sports. I played baseball in college and when I was here in Bethpage I played baseball, basketball, and soccer. I like to work out and I like to be very athletic but I also like to eat. That is probably my best and favorite hobby and overall I just like to have fun. I try to enjoy it and have fun. That is what I aim for.” 


The Eagles Cry: What is your favorite baseball team?

Joseph Walsh: “I’m a big Mets fan unfortunately, but I love the Mets.” (Even though most New Yorkers like the Yankees)


The Eagles Cry: What is your favorite food?

Joseph Walsh: “Favorite food? Probably chicken parmesan. Chicken parmesan is always a go to and during the summer you can never go wrong with hamburgers almost everyday.”  


The Eagles Cry: Do you have any pets?

Joseph Walsh: “I don’t have any pets but I used to have a bunch of dogs that unfortunately passed away a few years ago, but I am looking to get a new dog hopefully this summer.” 


The Eagles Cry: What type of dog are you thinking of getting?

Joseph Walsh:” I don’t know. I used to have a collie way back when there was a famous show, Lassie, so I used to have the exact dog that was in the show and was named Lassie. But I don’t know. I think I want to go with a slightly smaller dog but I’m not too sure what. I’ll figure it out.” 


 The Eagles Cry: What is your favorite show?

Joseph Walsh: “My favorite show would have to be, well actually I loved Game of Thrones and I was a big Walking Dead fan even though the show got kinda slow after a while. I am still a day one Walking Dead fan though. Stranger Things, I love Stranger Things.” 


The Eagles Cry: Who is your favorite character?

Joseph Walsh: “Steve Harrington, Steve Harrington is awesome”.


The Eagles Cry: What type of music do you like? 

Joseph Walsh: “I love country music. Country music is awesome and that is always my go to music. I really like all types of music but probably country and alternative are probably the two. Alternative was really when I was growing up and I transitioned to a lot of country music now.”


The Eagles Cry: How would you describe yourself?

Joseph Walsh: “I describe myself as just very happy and especially just happy and optimistic. I try to translate that to all of the aspects in my life, whether I am teaching, in athletics, coaching or whatever it might be. I try to see the best in every single person that I associate myself with and I try to pull the absolute most I can out of anybody. I don’t expect but I demand that everyone gives their all even if they might think that they aren’t good at something like in a class like math. I know everyone doesn’t like math and everyone has a bad feeling coming into it, but even though you might not have had the best experience in the past I try to get the most out of everyone and I feel for the most part that I do a good job with that. I think how I do that is by trying to be close with students and try to have a good relationship with the people I work with and anybody and I think that is how you get the most positive results.”