Piercings and Tattoos: Too Much?


Throughout the decade, tattoos and piercings have created mixed reactions from people worldwide. Most people love them and others despise them, many would say it’s all about morals and preferences. I say it’s more about whether or not you’re accepting towards the young and old. Tattoos and piercings are pieces of artwork, whether you fully acknowledge it or not. Many schools nationwide accept tattoos and piercings with open arms, while others belittle the teens for staining their skin. Metropolitan High School doesn’t blatantly say they don’t accept them, but I have heard cases of them pulling kids aside because of them. I am extremely thankful to be apart of a school that is so accepting towards body modifications, so it sparked an interest in me and a thought that ALL schools should be as welcoming as Bethpage High School! 

I grew up in a family where tattoos and piercings were always accepted. My father is covered from chest to toes in tattoos and my mom also had her fair share of tongue piercings & bear paw print tattoos. I recently got my nose pierced (a stud) and my septum pierced, and my parents were more excited than I was when I got it done! I know in the future I’ll definitely get my own sleeve of tattoos; I know my family will be by my side the entire time. 

Teens should be accepted and not judged once they decide to ink or pierce their body, legal of course! I asked Mr. Jantz, our wonderful principal, should they (tattoos and piercings) define the way someone is viewed as a person? He responded with, “Nowadays they’re more accepted because the times have changed, and they should be accepted for body modifications.”

Tattoos and piercings are another way teenagers can express themselves, so they take pride and joy in the ink they choose. Schools shouldn’t bat an eyelash towards those things, but they should become apart of the norm because of how common they all are. I asked Ashley Ripalda, “What’s your opinion on tattoos and piercings?” She responded with,“ coming from a person who has a nose piercing, I love them and I strongly disagree when people get judged based on there tattoos and piercings.” Many students in Bethpage have piercings and tattoos, so they don’t bother or stand out too much to anyone. 

Overall, body modifications shouldn’t be looked at in a negative way, but they are pieces of artwork that should be embraced.