Hidden Talent: Teacher Edition



It is widely known by students of BHS that Mr. Miller can tear a phonebook apart with his own two hands. Unbelievable! But, in order to figure out if this is fact or fiction Eagles Cry Journalists Amalia and Ariana knew they had to witness this hidden talent for themselves. 

Anyways, where can two young reporters even find a phonebook nowadays? They are practically extinct. Luckily, Mr. Miller had several from students who were pondering about this in the past.  


With “nothing up [his] sleeves” and despite saying “ It’s been many years since I’ve done this” Mr. Miller was able to rip a phonebook apart with his own bare hands! It is incredible that he was able to do this since a lot of practice is required to pursue such an action.  


Mr. Destefano more widely known as Mr. D is said to be able to draw several cartoon characters in under 30 seconds. In his own words, “besides from being really fashionable my talent is drawing a cartoon character really fast”.  



Even though he wasn’t able to prove the myth he went on to amaze us with several sketches of beloved cartoon characters. Including the familiar faces of Fred Flynstone, Charlie Brown and his best friend/sidekick Snoopy. It’s surprising how he was able to use less than forty five seconds to produce visually appealing illustrations!