Peter Georgatos’ Rankings for Every Scooby-Doo Show (Part 2)


Peter Georgatos, Reporter

7) The Scooby-Doo Show

The 3rd incarnation of this franchised aired for 40 episodes in the form of The Scooby-Doo Show. This series was enjoyable to me, as it occured before Scrappy-Doo came into existence. The show was similar to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (the first series). The show gave the gang equal representation, and they hung out and interacted again, which I love. There were twists and turns that I didn’t see coming sometimes, and it was a refresher, not being as predictable as the original show. The theme song is also very enjoyable, and it is a very catchy tune. The animation quality is good here, and it is an appealing show to watch. All around, it is one of my favorite adaptations of the franchise, and a very refreshing and enjoyable show with plenty of surprises.


6) The New Scooby-Doo Movies

The second series in the Scooby-Doo franchise, The New Scooby-Doo Movies aired from 1972-1973, and it featured the classic gang solving mysteries, this time interacting with a new celebrity every time. Famous celebrities that met the gang included Dick Van Dyke, Sonny and Cher, and even famous characters like Batman and Robin. This show is what I enjoy to see in a Scooby-Doo show: goofy, lighthearted fun, great chase scenes full of gags, and the gang interacting together and having a good time. The show makes me laugh, and puts me in a good mood, in part because of how outlandish it is. They may go to space, or go underwater. It is also fun to see celebrities interact with the gang, like Shaggy and Davy Jones talking, or Velma solving mysteries with Batman. Overall, a lighthearted show that makes me laugh. The humor, mysteries, and celebrities all make it a beloved Scooby-Doo show, and a great show in general.


5) Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

Coming in in the 5th spot, we have the show that started it all. The first incarnation of the franchise ran from 1969 to 1970, and this was the show that kick started the franchise. We meet the gang for the first time, and  some of the most classic mysteries and episodes are here. While campy, and full of upbeat songs and goofy scenes, it is a classic show. My only complaint with the show is the formula. Although it does not bother me too much, it is still irritating. All around, it is fun to watch, and it is a lighthearted show to watch when I am upset. It may be an unpopular choice, as it is the original show to start off the franchise, but whatever.


4) Scooby Doo and Guess Who?

The newest Scooby-Doo incarnation, premiering in June 2019, has only had 13 episodes so far, but I am absolutely in love with this show! First off, the show has a retro style that looks like Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, and it looks very appealing. Secondly, the voice cast is great, and the characters have great chemistry. It harkens back to the earlier incarnations, where the gang is just going around on goofy adventures, and interacting. I love to watch all of the characters just hang out, and it puts me at ease, and lets me relax. Third of all, the show has a celebrity guest every episode, similar to The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries. While some of the celebrities are ones I have a disdain for (such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ricky Gervais), the show also has celebrities who I love, such as Weird “Al” Yankovic and Kenan Thompson. Not only are celebrities in the show, but many famous characters also appear, such as Batman, the Flash, and Sherlock Holmes. This show was recently renewed for a second season, and I am pumped to see what crazy adventures the gang gets into. Overall, this is a great show that has all of the elements of what a good Scooby-Doo show should be like.


3) Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Coming in at number 3, this iteration lasted for 52 episodes, tying it for the longest show in the franchise. This show has a bit of a bad rap, most notably for its bizarre art style and surreal comedy. While the art style is a bit uncanny (looking like Family Guy, a bit), I personally think the humor is generally funny. While some characters, like Daphne, are a bit too animated (she is very annoying at times), the characters are still likable (Daphne is meant to be the offbeat but lovable character). I personally enjoy the humor, and it has some twists that I never saw coming. The show is not meant to be a dark show, full of mysteries and plot, and is just meant to make you laugh. The show is funny, and is probably the funniest Scooby-Doo show I have watched. I usually end up laughing out loud, as the jokes are well timed, and the show uses slapstick as well as new gags not previously seen in the franchise. I enjoy the character interactions, and while the show rushes its plot sometimes, it is generally well paced. This iteration lasted from 2015-2018, and is one of my favorite iterations of the show. It is very funny, and it is a great comedy to watch.


2) What’s New, Scooby-Doo?

Coming in at number 2, this show is a modernized version of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, with the gang having new technology and gadgets. It has new, less cartoony sound effects, and is more realistic than the other incarnations (it’s still not normal, but it is normal for a show with a talking dog). This show is an amazing incarnation. First of all, the intro is superb! The beat is catchy, the visuals are appealing, and I just love it! I bought the theme song and made it my ringtone because I love it! The second reason I love the show is because the original voice of Shaggy, Casey Kasem, returned. This is the last show in which he voices Shaggy, and he brings the life back to the character that was lost in the later shows. The cast is great, with veteran actors such as Frank Welker, reprising his role as Fred Jones. Animation wise, it is very smooth. The show uses the traditional Scooby-Doo style, which I really enjoy, as the smooth animation paired with the style creates a great show. The writing is also very enjoyable. The gang is interacting, going to hotels, sports, and other events, and the dynamics are great. The show can be very funny at times, and the mysteries are actually very intriguing. The show even has some self-referential humor, which I enjoy. What I enjoy most about the show is that the characters still retain their core elements. Shaggy and Scooby are still cowards who are always hungry, Velma is still the brainiac, Fred is still the faithful leader, and Daphne is still the rich girl who is danger-prone and resourceful. Watching them interact (which I constantly repeat) is very enjoyable. The characters care about each other, and watching them interact is my favorite. Also, the world building is very good, with the mysteries having a great amount of detail and lore to them. This was an amazing incarnation, and that is why it is the #2 spot on this list. 


  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated


And in the number 1 spot, my favorite incarnation of the Scooby-Doo franchise, and my favorite show in general, this show deviates from the normal Scooby-Doo formula, which, in theory, would sound bad. The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo deviated from the formula, and that was ranked as the worst show on my list. But this show is amazing. First of all, the voices are amazing. Each voice actor, from Frank Welker (Fred) to Matthew Lillard (Shaggy), gives life to the characters, and each voice is full of passion and life. The animation is also very well done. The style is unique, but still has traditional elements of the classic Hanna-Barbera style. Artwise and soundwise, the show is top notch, but my favorite part is the story-telling. I don’t usually like shows with continuous arcs, as I usually start, and then grow bored. But this show is so much different, and I have been avidly watching every episode down to the last detail. I have 5 episodes left in the series, and it is amazing. Since the first episode, I have been diligently watching, sometimes watching 8 episodes in one day. I had 6 episodes left in the first season, and they were going to take it off that night, so I watched them all, and by the end of it, my breath was taken away and I was craving more. The show is top notch, with great writing. While most of the villians in the show are people with masks, as the series has progressed, supernatural elements have been added, and now the characters are on a different planet to survive. The show also has very clever moments, including classic and obscure Hanna-Barbera characters, such as Captain Caveman, Jabberjaw, and Dynomutt. The show has a tongue-in-cheek approach, as it deliberately has over the top backstories and motives, and outlandish gadgets, but that is what makes it a great show. Whenever I watch the show, I can’t stop watching it, as it is such a well done and beautifully crafted, and the show has made me laugh and cry. All around, this is the greatest show I have ever watched, and I cannot wait to finish the last 5 episodes and see what happens! This show is definitely the best show in the Scooby-Doo franchise.


This concludes part 2 of my list, ranking every Scooby-Doo show. This show has shaped me, and I hope this list can push you to watch some of these shows. Enjoy your day, and drink a glass of water.