Verbatim Interview: Ms.Pillittier


Raechel Park, Editor

Ms.Pillittier is a math teacher who has been teaching at BHS for 14 years and has truly been amazing. Sadly she is leaving to become an assistant principal at West Hampton Bay High School. So I’ve decided to ask her a few questions to give her recognition and to hear her farewell message to BHS. 


The Eagle’s Cry: How did you become a math teacher in BHS?


Ms.Pillittier: Ms.Koutsouras who currently teaches here was on maternity leave which her second son I believe and the person who replaced her didn’t want to stay for the whole year. So they (BHS) needed someone to fill the position and I filled that position in November and I’ve been here ever since.” 


 The Eagle’s Cry: What is your favorite movie? 


Ms.Pillittier: I know it is cringey to say but it would have to be Legally Blonde. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What is the hardest thing you ever had to overcome?


Ms.Pilltier: “The hardest thing I had to overcome was applying for a position and not getting it. You know overcoming all of the emotions that go with it.”


The Eagle’s Cry: What is your motto in life?


Ms.Pilltier: “I would say to always be confident and remember that things always happen for a reason.


The Eagle’s Cry: Did you always liked math when you were in high school?


Ms.Pillittier: “I liked it because I was good at it and I felt like I could teach it and in a way that other students can understand it. I always found myself sitting in a room and saying I wish the teacher could have taught it in a different way.” 


The Eagle’s Cry: What’s your favorite type of math? 


Ms.Pillittier: My favorite would be algebra 2 because there is a lot going on and it’s interesting with higher level. I also like the content in it.” 


The Eagle’s Cry: What is your favorite t.v show? 


Ms.Pilltier: My favorite tv show used to be Friends but now would be Grey’s Anatomy. 


 The Eagle’s Cry: What is your favorite type of chocolate/candy? 

Ms.Pillittier: My favorite would be chocolate and my number one is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.


The Eagle’s Cry: Before you leave BHS what is the advice you want to give to your past students and upcoming students? 


Ms.Pillittier: I would say to remember that high school is important and I know that there are things that are not interesting to some students but it is a learning experience and we are in this to grow our minds and to learn things and to be interested in things that we didn’t know that we would be before. High school does come to an end and you get to move on to different things that are some better and some not better. But it is a preparation for what’s to come to the future and to remember there are good days and there are bad days and that you will move on and grow. You are not going to be stuck in a mold forever and you will move on. 


The Eagle’s Cry: If you weren’t a math teacher what would have you become? 


Ms.Pillittier: If I wasn’t a math teacher I would be a lawyer.