The Eagle’s Cry Interview; BHS Social Studies Teacher, Mr. Lynch

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The Eagle’s Cry Interview; BHS Social Studies Teacher, Mr. Lynch

Sean McGrorty, Reporter

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Undoubtedly one of Bethpage High Schools most recognizable teachers is Scott Lynch. The notable alumni of this school sees a majority of students that pass through in either A.P. U.S. History or Senior Seminar at some point. The Eagle’s Cry decided to find out a bit more about the adored teacher along with some of his opinions/interests:


Eagle’s Cry: What schools have you attended in your lifetime?

Mr. Lynch: “I went to Bethpage High School then SUNY Albany and after that I have received graduate degrees from Dowling College and Mercy College”


Eagle’s Cry: What inspired you to become a social studies teacher?

Mr. Lynch: “I love history and I think I’ve always wanted to be a teacher because I had some good teachers growing up. It looked like a nice lifestyle having summers off.”


Eagle’s Cry: What are your thoughts on B.H.S. overall?

Mr. Lynch:“I LOVE Bethpage High School, as I said I went here, it is a really great place and has always been. To me it kinda feels like a home like environment.


Eagle’s Cry: What is your favorite class to teach?

Mr. Lynch:“I like teaching U.S. History, it’s always been my favorite class, so any level of U.S. history is my favorite.”


Eagle’s Cry: Per Mr. Malossi “Am I a Slacker” ?

Mr. Lynch: “God no look at you, you’re in a shirt and tie. Your totally not a slacker. You look like someones dad” -*Laughter from others in the room*-


Eagle’s Cry: Is senior seminar worth the time outside of college application?

Mr. Lynch:“YES! Damit YES! After application season where it is so important, we do other things like financial aid,financial literacy along with some practical things. This year we plan on having a lesson on how to do laundry”  -me “that will be quite exciting to watch”


Eagle’s Cry: Do you think I will get into college?

Mr. Lynch:“I do, there is a college for everybody no matter who you are.”


Eagle’s Cry: What activities do you enjoy outside of school? 

Mr. Lynch:“I like sports, the Knicks,Mets and Jets more specifically. I like traveling a lot along with hanging out with my dog Roxy -the best dog there ever was- and my kids and wife are alright, I guess.”