Bethpage’s Chris McGuggart Commits to Play Baseball at New York Tech


On November 13, 2019, thousands of athletes from high schools all across the US made their final decisions on where they will go to pursue athletics at the next level. Fellow classmate Chris McGuggart has decided to go play at New York Tech, a Division 2 powerhouse, who went 37-16 last season as well as winning the NCAA super regional. We sat down with Chris to get some insight on his decision.

The Eagle’s Cry: When did you know you wanted to pursue baseball at the next level?

Chris: “ I knew I wanted to pursue baseball probably when I was eight years old and started getting really good. I knew it was my favorite sport.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Why New York Tech?

Chris: “I’ve known the coaches there since I was 10, and they are ranked 13th  in the country, which makes them one of the best Division 2 schools around.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Who has helped you the most during the recruiting process?

Chris: “Both my parents… writing emails to coaches for me telling me how to word stuff when speaking to them. I’m grateful to them.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What is your greatest strength?

Chris: “My biggest strength is my glove, definitely, I’ve always been told im a good shortstop I’m probably better at that then hitting.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Has there been any setbacks you had to deal with during your career?

Chris: “I tore my UCL when I was younger, which took me out of baseball for almost a year—also my height and weight being below certain coaches standards…I always had to work on that.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What are you most excited for next year at New York Tech?

Chris: “I’m excited to hopefully win a national championship and play with some of the best guys and coaches around.”