The Eagle’s Cry Interview: Ms. Aguirre


We all have those days where no matter what, school just seems dreary. Assignments pile up and the imminent exhaustion kicks in. To make it worse, some students become sick and end up buried under a heap of work.

But, just as you think school may engulf you, one person saves the day: Ms. Aguirre, one of our school nurses. Whenever you ask any students who’ve crossed paths with her about their opinions on her the response is nothing but positive. The kindness she displays amazes everyone, and her patience brings wonders…because as a school nurse–a stressful job–she is always so calm and composed. Naturally, The Eagle’s Cry had to feature her. 

The Eagle’s Cry: Have you always wanted to be a nurse?

Ms. Aguirre: “Well there’s been several things that I wanted to do but being a nurse was in the forerunning since I was about four or five. I used to take care of my dog and do things for my grandparents who were older. I like to take care of people.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What do you find rewarding about being a nurse?

Ms. Aguirre: “Knowing that I’ve been able to help somebody feel better, have a better outlook on things, improve their health, and that kind of thing. You know making other people happy.”

The Eagle’s Cry: On more hectic days of the job, how do you maintain tranquility?

Ms. Aguirre: “Sometimes it’s just a deep breath, looking for a lighthearted side to things that happen, and just saying a little prayer for strength and guidance.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What were you like as a student?

Ms. Aguirre: “I was an average student. I had a B+ average when I graduated high school. I graduated with a 3.49 from Molloy College. I had my Bachelors in Science & Nursing. I would have to say I was a very serious student, moreso when I got into college. My mother used to say that I lived in my bedroom because I was always studying, always going over notes and practicing things. I had good techniques and things like that. But, I would say serious would be a good word.”  

The Eagle’s Cry: Now, for the more lighthearted questions! What is a genre of music you prefer?

Ms. Aguirre: “Probably classic rock. I like classical music as well. I play the piano and classical pieces are some of my favorite to play on the piano.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: If you could go on vacation right now, where would you go?

Ms. Aguirre: “Probably North Carolina…that’s where my grandchildren, my daughter and my son-in-law live.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: I heard it’s a much more serene life and easier financial wise to live down there. 

Ms. Aguirre: “It’s definitely a different lifestyle down there. It’s much slower in some respects and the kids don’t do trick or treating there like they do over here. The homes are in small clusters, so you only have a few immediate friends. I think they are a little more family oriented. They tend to depend on each other.

The Eagle’s Cry: Do you happen to have a favorite cuisine? What makes you like it so much?

Ms. Aguirre: “I’m a really big sushi freak. I also enjoy Itallian food you know sushi is for the days that I want to try and be good but go out and have something to relax and enjoy. I think comfort food is for me.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: Could you tell me about your hobbies? 

Ms. Aguirre: “I have many hobbies. I actually love being outdoors. I used to be a girl scout leader, cub scout leader, and boy scout leader for high school boys up until about six years ago. I am an avid bird watcher. One of the things I actually wanted to do when I was growing up was become an ornithologist which is a scientist who studies birds. But, my mother was like “there isn’t really a big future in there, stick with the nursing haha”. I like to paint and draw. I like crocheting and I like to craft.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What is the film you admire most?

Ms. Aguirre: “I would have to say I really loved ET. You definitely have to see it.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Who is your favorite actor?

Ms. Aguirre: “I would have to say Sandra Bullock. For male counterparts, I would say Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.”

The Eagle’s Cry: Do you have any kids? If so, what is your favorite aspect of being a parent?

Ms. Aguirre: “I have two children. I think it was probably the little things and not the dramatic things that happened in life. As an alternative when we couldn’t go outside and play after school and outdoor plans got cancelled after school we’d have a picnic in my living room and put a big blanket down on the floor. You know I had a very big window and we would open the blinds and watch thunderstorms and have our dinner picnic. Also, like the times when we would go to the park and there was a stream there that we loved. I used to make fake fishing poles for them and they would have to pick a stick and I would tie a string to them and they would throw it into the water. They would see the fish and say “now…you have to be very still” even though the fish couldn’t bite the fishing poles. They still remember that and laugh about it.” 

The Eagle’s Cry: What are your views on the current generation? How different are teens now compared to when you were a teen?

Ms. Aguirre: “I would say that in general there was more that was expected from us. As far as doing things for the family and so on. We learned to handle things by ourselves. This generation kids turn to their parents right away to find an answer. I’m not always sure that’s the best thing to do. I just feel like this generation goes out and is really unprepared for what’s out there. They really are the young adults now and they’re kind of left floundering in financial difficulty.”

The Eagle’s Cry: For the future is there a specific long term goal you wish to pursue?  

Ms. Aguirre: “Well eventually I will retire which I’m not ready to do yet. I love the kids here, I feel like they are my own. I treat them as such. It is something I would miss terribly. If I do retire I will probably wind up doing a lot of volunteer work. Like when I’m sitting and watching TV in the evening, crocheting hats for newborns in NICUs. Or going down to the NICUs and holding the babies that need to be held for a while. I just like to do things that I know will help other people basically. I guess it’s the nature and the reason I went to nursing. But, I’m not ready to give this up.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What is your piece of advice for the class of 2020?

Ms. Aguirre: “I would always advise you to be true to yourself, follow your dreams, and don’t give up on them. Anything that’s worth the prize is going to be worth the hassle. You should always pursue that. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t judge. Those are the basic rules you should live by and random acts of kindness don’t hurt once in awhile. They may not always make the other person feel good but, actually, I know I feel good when I do something nice and the other person walks away with a smile. Focus on the little things in life don’t worry about the big picture it’ll all fall into place as you work at them.”

The Eagle’s Cry: That’s it for today, thank you so much for your time.