The Outside of BHS Life Of Mrs. Shutkind

What is the life of a teacher like? Do these educationalists constantly grade skyscraper piles of exams and other student work while creating lesson plans and review packets for the upcoming school days, or do they enjoy leisure activities? Do they shop for food and clothes at common locations? Is teaching the sole purpose of their lives, or do they own various other capacities?

Mrs. Shutkind, a world history teacher at Bethpage High School, agreed to an interview answering the following questions:

Reporter: Where do you shop for clothes?

Mrs. Shutkind: I shop mostly online at Old Navy and The Gap. I like to go to Eddie Bauer and I love Nordstrom and Madewell.

Reporter: Which clothing brands do you like?

Mrs. Shutkind: One of my favorite brands is Luckybrand.

Reporter: Which ones do you hate?

Mrs. Shutkind: I hate almost anything that is too dressy. I don’t like anything that is not comfortable or kind of casual.

Reporter: Where do you buy your groceries?

Mrs. Shutkind: I mostly shop at Stew Leonard’s.

Reporter: What are some hobbies you have?

Mrs. Shutkind: I spend a lot of time going to Spin Class. I ski on the weekends. I vacation during the winter. I also fish a lot with my husband.

Reporter: What is your favorite TV show of all time?

Mrs. Shutkind: I think Breaking Bad has been one of my favorites. I think that’s probably my favorite series.

Reporter: Name a skill no one knows you have.

Mrs. Shutkind: I’m a really good cook.

Reporter: Name a talent you wish you had.

Mrs. Shutkind: I wish I was more talented at losing weight.

Reporter: Describe an unforgettable meal.

Mrs. Shutkind: It would probably include things like lobster and crembulet.

Reporter: What is one question you knew the answer to?

Mrs. Shutkind: What happens to you when you die?