Movies You Forgot You Loved- A Retro Review.


Ariella Rojas, Reporter

Good Will Hunting (Spoilers)

My Ratings: 9.4/10

Have you ever scrolled through Netflix or Hulu browsing for something to watch, hopefully finding something interesting? How about reverting back to the classics? This year in The Eagle’s Cry, we will be highlighting the movies you may have seen!

Good Will Hunting is an interesting and in-depth movie experience that a lot of 1990 films don’t bring to the table. Along with life-like issues people face, the story centers around an intellectual genius who can’t afford to go to college, so he goes on to working at MIT. Eventually, he is given an opportunity of a lifetime.- He successfully solves a simple—yet extremely—complex math equations. Later, he’s discovered by Professor Gerald Lambeu because of his talents. During this movie, there are many aspects that keep you entertained, such as the bar scene. The actors’ expressions and acting techniques definitely make these characters more realistic and believable.

Throughout this movie, there are highs like when Will Hunting waltzed into a bar with his friends and encountered “‘Clark the Harvard student, ”’ He intervened in Chuckie Sullivan and Skylar’s conversation and mocked Chuckie’s act of plagarism. 

Colin Hervey, a junior at Bethpage High School, agrees that this scene is his “favorite scene,” especially when “Will gets [Skylar’s] number after [the] argument with [Chuckie].” It’s definitely one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. The scene drives you to root for Will Hunting!


Throughout this movie, the character development shows pain and trouble during the course of  all of these character’s lives. 

Some may think Robin Williams can definitely be named the best supporting actor of this film (which he was) like Sophia LoRusso, a junior at Bethpage High School. She talks about how Robin Williams says “It’s not your fault” to Will. It’s very powerful and upsetting,” because of the context. Will has gone through a lot in his life, and Sean begins to tell the story of the 1975 World Series.

This entire film mostly focuses on building relationships, whether it’s a friendship or an intimate relationship.Mrs. Kennedy, a teacher at Bethpage High School, claims that her favorite relationship exists between Will Hunting and Chuckie Sullivan.. Her “favorite supporting actor [is] Ben Affleck.” His association with Will is a support system, so he doesn’t feel alone.The bromance makes this specific relationship so strong.

The acting and script brings out the true humanity in these characters. This movie is definitely one of 1990’s masterpieces.