Should Yoga class be only for upperclassmen?


Many students who take gym class usually takes yoga or regular. However some people, including some of the yoga teachers feel that some of the underclassmen don’t take advantage of the peaceful time and actually distract the upperclassmen from getting peaceful time. I actually had a conversation with Ms. Bennett and she actually wishes to make a statement wishing that yoga classes should be only for upperclassmen because there are only limited space for that class. Valentina Grigin whose junior applied for the class but actually got put in Fitness and Conditioning with Mr. Piccirillo and actually went to guidance two times to put yoga instead but there was no more space. In the end she stopped trying to get yoga. 


Mr.Franzke is a fitness and conditioning teacher but as well as a yoga teacher. I asked him a few questions about the class with underclassmen. According to Mr.Franzke “ Yoga offers many benefits and addresses the 5 components of physical fitness which are muscular strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, body composition and cardiovascular endurance.” I asked about the ratio of upperclassmen and underclassmen and its about an even amount of sophomores to upperclassmen.


I also asked him about the maturity about yoga and he replied “Yes, I believe that yoga requires a level of maturity that suits older students.  I also believe yoga could be viewed as a reward for the upperclassmen and would hopefully ensure that they get into the class if they want it. We offer enough choices that 9th and 10th could find an alternate class that would suit their needs.” 


Ms.Bennett said that the reason why yoga classes are made because to decrease anxiety and it’s target is to help mental health and to enhance positivity,focus,balance,strength,and flexibility. 

The ratio between underclassmen and upperclassmen is 20 to 80% and even though it is not a lot of underclassmen and she feels that it’s better to get more upperclassmen because the “workload is greater for 11th and 12th graders and it is a NEED that they take it to help them restore balance to their lives.  She feels that it is a little unfair that some upperclassmen gets locked out and 10th graders get into yoga class. 


In the end upperclassmen mostly feel that yoga should be mainly for upperclassmen because it is essential with their workload compared to the underclassmen. How do you feel about yoga switching to upperclassmen?