The Witches Brew: Is it worth all the spooky hype?


Jordyn Tobia, Reporter

Having trouble looking for a chill spot to hang out with your significant other or even your close friends? Well, look no further, I have found the absolute cutest, spooky, and autumn-themed coffee shop.


 The Witches Brew is located in West Hempstead and opens at 12pm every day. The closing time varies between 12 am and 1am, but the kitchen always closes at 11pm. The Witches Brew has a vast selection of teas & coffees while rocking spooky decor inside and outside a century-old house. Their menu is not extremely expensive so don’t worry about making a dent in your wallet. Best of all, they even cater to those who are vegan and vegetarian!


My best friends and I went to The Witches Brew for the first time Friday, October 11th. We arrived around 7:40 pm and the exterior of this place was absolutely stunning. They had a generous amount of purple and orange fairy lights hung around the outside. They accommodate guests with benches outside when the lines get a little too long and overwhelming. Once you walk inside, you’re hit with warm air and the strong aroma of freshly baked cakes. The kitchen area and dessert display case is right out in the open, so customers have the option to watch the employees “do their thing.” 


Although there were many great things about this place, there was one thing that completely tested my patience—the wait. We arrived to The Witches Brew around 7:30pm, let’s just say I’m NEVER doing that again. I highly recommend that you make a reservation prior to showing up, unless you love extremely long lines of possibly smelly people within close proximity. I asked one of my close friends who I went with, Ashley Ripalda, what would you tell someone before they go, and she responded with, “The wait. Period. ” Since it was our first time going, we thought that showing up at around seven was the perfect time—I guess not. We didn’t get seated until 9:45 pm, you could already imagine how aggravated we all were.  


Aside from the horrendous wait, everything else was superb! Starting with the absolutely adorable decor and all the way to the scrumptious food. My best friend Ciara McGylnn exclaims, “This is somewhere you HAVE to go, I guarantee you will love everything that place has to offer.” To make a long story short, The Witches Brew is totally worth all the spooky hype. 


Me and my girls made tons of memories that night within the safe space of The Witches Brew, I definitely recommend that you experience the spooky fun as well.