Too Many Tests, Too Much Stress.

With tests creeping up every week in school, stress is on the rise. When it comes to school, stress seems inevitable. From countless nights of sleep to weekly exams, teachers are oblivious of the serious consequences that school stress inflicts on students. Bethpage students are experiencing academic stress caused by the influx of  homework and tests. 

Ms.Bertolotti, “Safe Space” advisor and English teacher, reports her views on stress to The Eagle’s Cry:  “More people are feeling pressure, and more people are acknowledging it.”  However, she also mentioned that BHS students may find stress “too tough to talk about,” because of surrounding factors, such as competitiveness and their social reputation in school.

In addition, Ms.Bertolotti argues that while many students suffer school stress in silence, “dialogue” is also increasing, meaning students are now conscious of their academic stress and are coping through communication. Typically, juniors tend to experience the most stress, since it is the most crucial year in one’s high school career. 

“I get six hours of sleep, seven if I’m lucky,” claims Cheryl Noshad, a junior at Bethpage High School. “The amount of homework teachers give me is overwhelming.” 

Sleep deprivation is spreading among students nationwide.  Students prioritize studying over their mental health. Tyler Chan, a senior at Bethpage High School enrolled in multiple AP classes, said, “as deadlines started to come up, I felt more and more stressed.” 

Tests and quizzes are not the only factors contributing to increased tension. As midterms and finals approach, the feeling that this exam could make or break your grades intensifies matters to a greater extent. Knowing that you have several deadlines to meet in very little time  stimulates production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can harm more than benefit when flowing in one’s bloodstream in large amounts.

Online articles like “Teen Stress Rivals That of Adults” report statistical evidence to signify that school stress is similar to adult stress. It’s scary to think that students experience the same amount of stress at notably younger ages than adults.

Failure to properly manage time also plays an essential role in rising school stress incidents. Besides studying for tests, students have more to do with their days. From after school clubs, to sports; students don’t always have time on their hands. 

How do you feel about your stress level for school? Leave a comment below.