BHS Students Goals for the Future


Although students at BHS come from the same school, they have different aspirations for the future. Most BHS students work hard for their goals: at this age, most don’t expect to know what they want to do later in life. But with the staff at BHS, most students learn what they want to be in time. The great thing about BHS students is that most of them have dreams to be where they want to be. BHs teachers and faculty also strive for their students to have a bright future and help them get into the college of their choice.

As the year comes to an end, seniors are ready to leave and go to college, and juniors just want to be seniors. As graduation is around the corner, the seniors realize how close adulthood truly is. As kids, we all wanted to be something when we grew up, even if you followed or dreamt a whole different path.

Senior Brody Paola is going to Binghamton college in Upstate New York. Brody’s dream is to go to law school and then become a supreme court justice. He’s in majoring in political science, and as he puts it “then do that whole law school thing”. Brody also expressed that he has come a long way from freshman year and has changed a lot; he believes that high school has been good to him.

Also, senior Peter Schimmel is going to St. Thomas Aquinas College in New york to play baseball. He said his aspiration in life is to be happy. His dream is to play in the major leagues for baseball. And Peter is just a regular kid in high school who loves the play baseball, hang out with his friends, and drive around.

These are just some examples of the seniors who have dreams for the future一none are too big or too small to come true. Especially with the BHS staff and faculty to help guide the students, and support from family and friends to accomplish their dreams, BHS students can be whoever and whatever they want.