Are Students and Teachers Burnt Out?

Are Students and Teachers Burnt Out?

Raechel Park

This school year is coming to an end with finals and regents. Many students are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out from studying for their exams along with completing homework and in-class tests Ms.Pillittier, who teaches Geometry and Algebra 2 said “students tend to work harder towards the end of the year because most students are stressed about APs,regents,and finals.”

Ms. Pillittier also stated that she,along with her students, feels burnt out from all of the school work and the preparation for students passing the regents.Students that take Global History and Earth Science are especially exhausted because both regents are taken on the same day. People who take AP or honors classes tend to have more of a burden on them because they take exams that go to the College Board. . Students also have the tendency to believe that the most stressful school subjects are advanced and regular math or science classes.

Teachers and students all agree that the school should have a day to alleviate our stress and get to know our teachers and our peers better. Students at BHS feel that we don’t have enough time to hang out as friends because of all of the overwhelming exams. As students, we feel that we should have just one day to be work-free.

Scientifically, it has been proven that students today have the same anxiety level as a psychiatric patients in the 1950s. Think about it—all of this stress makes us so overwhelmingly anxious that it could have been possible to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital. It’s frightening that our stress level and anxiety level is skyrocketing as a result from a simple test.