January 17- Movie Review (Four months & 4 weeks old)

Bird Box, holding the record for the most first-day views on Netflix, keeps you on the edge of your seat and holding your breath. The title alone takes such a simple detail from the movie that holds major significance between life and death. Malorie Hayes, portrayed by award-winning Sandra Bullock, is shown on the brink of survival. The opening scene is her telling two young children, Boy and Girl, very strict, rigorous guidelines for their survival. The children are merely toddlers having to understand the abstract concepts of life and death. Jumping between past and present, the movie puts you through a whirlwind of emotions and has your adrenaline pumping.

Malorie, a unenthusiastic mother-to-be, and her sister, Jessica, are both in Malorie’s apartment when the TV broadcasts a strange condition where people feel the sudden urge to kill themselves, with no known cause, leading to mass mayhem. The sisters nonchalantly brush it off, as all of this is happening in Russia and not in the United States. What they don’t notice, however, is when they look away it shows the strange phenomenon spreading to Alaska. Later that day, Malorie and Jessica encounter a woman trying to kill herself, and they both flee. This starts Malorie’s gut-wrenching journey of survival.

The film is is rating R, with a few brief explicit scenes and violence, but nothing that isn’t beyond a parent’s discretion. Bird Box is for anyone who loves adventure, romance, suspense, and post-apocalyptic films. Each of those elements are perfectly blended into the movie, coming together leaving you wanting more. Sandra Bullock and Travante Rhodes display amazing chemistry on the screen as Tom and Malorie, as they stick together until the very last possible moment, protecting each other until the last possible moment.

The movie holds a record for the most first-day views for a reason. Whether action movies are your thing or not, the cover image alone is enticing, inviting you to dive in, and it’s recommended you do.