The Journey of Matthew Salerno



Matt Salerno is currently a senior at Bethpage High School. He is loved by his many friends and teachers alike throughout the school. Especially the hair. Matt is not only a great friend, but has the qualities of an older brother, or at least the closest thing to one. In addition, Matt is wrapping up his 4th and final season on the Bethpage Ice Hockey team, and is going out as a “C”.


Here is how he got here.


Matt first began playing at the age of four years old. He began skating with his brother and father at the Newbridge Ice Rink in Bellmore. It was at that moment where he fell in love with the game and skating. At first, actually, coaches would not let Matt play because of the way he skated since he was so new. “The next thing I knew my father persuaded them and I was playing house-league.” Matt said. House league is usually the beginning of every hockey player’s career, and like others it was the same for Matt.


Matt talks very highly of his career. He loved “every second of it.” He says one of the most important things he gained from his experience was the friends he met along the way that he is still close with today. Matt has played not only on the house league level, but after spending so much time on the ice with his team and family, his skills drastically increased. So as a result Matt began playing travel ice hockey. Matt most recently played for the Great Neck Bruins along with the Eagles’ varsity team.


Matt played a very important role as a junior last season. He was the second highest scorer, only behind Gavin Hulser. He was one of the two centers that played every other shift. He scored the game winning goal in game 2 of the County Finals vs Long Beach, as well as the game winning goal to win the Supervisors Cup with 3 minutes left. He was truly a vital part to the Eagle’s offense and his playmaking, speed, and IQ will be sorely missed next season.


Also his voice and heart will be missed the most. Salerno has a special quality not many have. He is able to control and almost tame the Bethpage Hockey team, which is notorious for breeding idiots, such as this reporter.


This season Matt played another huge role on the team. The senior captain netted 13 points, good enough for 2nd on the team, including 7 goals and 6 assists.


The program will sorely miss Matthew Salerno, thank you for everything 24.