The Road to Graduation is Almost Here…


Gabby Shamah, Editor


As quarter three comes to an end, many seniorsーand even some juniors ーare beginning to reminisce about the termination of their high school careers.

Junior at BHS Justin Saldana states that he’s looking forward to what lies ahead “I’m excited to leave but I’m gonna miss the seniors leaving this year” but also admits despite looking forward to college the thought of leaving BHS makes him emotional

On the contrary, students like Curtis Dalsass couldn’t be more eager to leave. He blatantly states “I hate this place.”

Whether you look forward to graduating or not, in the end there are people who you will miss seeing every single day. Despite having to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and going to sleep at 2 am to get workー the friendships are unforgettable.