The Drastic Expenses that Come with Going to Prom


Eagle’s Cry: How much was your dress?

Valerie Bracken: The dress cost $200


Eagle’s Cry: How much do girls typically spend on hair and makeup?

Valerie Bracken: Id say around $200 for hair and makeup including tip if you get it done professionally.


Eagle’s Cry: How much did you spend on your after prom plans?

Valerie Bracken: As of right now, it’s costing $74 but I also need to buy an outfit and I’m sure there’ll be more expenses


Eagle’s Cry: How much did your prom ticket cost?

Valerie Bracken: Although they haven’t been sold yet, the ticket for prom usually costs around $40


Eagle’s Cry:  Do you think it is better to buy a dress or rent one?

Valerie Bracken: Personally, I think it’s better to buy a dress if it’s your own prom and it isn’t too expensive. However, if you aren’t into the whole idea of prom or dressing up I think it would be smarter to rent one especially if it’s not your prom that you’re going to. No one can even tell the difference if you rented it or not.  


Eagle’s Cry:  Do you think it is better to get your hair and makeup professionally done? Or by a friend?

Valerie Bracken: I think that if you want to stay on a budget it makes more sense to get it done by a friend but personally I like the idea of getting it done professionally that way Im sure itll last the whole night.


Eagle’s Cry:  Are there any extra expenses you’ll be spending on for prom?

Valerie Bracken: Aside from the dress I also have to buy shoes, jewelry, spend money on hair, makeup, nails, spray tan, and the boutonniere