Teacher Feature: Why BHS Students Love Mr Lynch


Bethpage High School teacher Mr. Lynch has been teaching at BHS for 13 years. His whole life he dreamed of being a teacher; in college, however, Mr. Lynch admits he “changed [his] major a couple times, then wound up coming back around to it.”

According to popular opinion at BHS, Mr. Lynch finds a way to make the most boring lessons interesting with his random commentary and highly engaging tangents. His passion for history is emphasized through every word.

Even outside his classroom, Mr. Lynch’s heart belongs to history: “The place where I want my ashes scattered—even if it’s illegal—is Mount Vernon, George Washington’s house” he said, commenting on his favorite historical landmark. “If the world were ending, I’d want to spend my last hour there with my family.”

As a former student of Bethpage High, Mr. Lynch says not only has the building itself changed but the people as well.

“The education is better; the kids are smarter; teachers are better,” Mr. Lynch said. “I feel like when I was here Bethpage was kind of middle of the road, I feel like Bethpage is above that now.”

As Mr. Lynch grew, he witnessed generations grow with him. One of his favorite parts of his job is “meeting the children of the parents” he went to school with and how they differ. Or seeing teachers he taught—such as Mr. Vasco, whom he had for two years.

Mr. Lynch, no matter what mood he’s in, will always be there to put a smile on his students’ faces.

BHS junior Olivia Solomon said, “Mr. Lynch doesn’t turn his cheek to real issues; he addresses them and makes students feel comfortable.”

Mr. Lynch motivates his students with humor. John Houston said, “He’ll make a student fall out of their chair from laughing so hard on their worst days, just to see them filled with joy.”

If you ever need to laugh or hear where in America you should go on vacation, Mr. Lynch is the teacher whose class you should take.