BHS Students Find Stress Relief

BHS Students Find Stress Relief

Olivia Solomon and Valentina Grgin

“Have you ever finished anything a few days or even weeks ahead of time and thought, ‘It’s nice to be done with that’?” Mr. Ravener, BHS track coach and 8th grade Earth Science teacher, asks. High school is a very stressful time for students in America. Across our nation, students are overworked and exhausted. His recommendations to manage stress are to stay organized and know exactly when and what you need to do so it isn’t overwhelming. In addition, he adds “My wife will flip her lid if she isn’t organized and planning ahead.”

Kelly Xhumba, a sophomore here at BHS, and a regular feature on Brolivia and Balenbina collaborations, says “I eat and I cry” when asked how she personally deals with her stress. After interviewing a variety of students, crying was the most popular way to manage daily stress of the average American high school student. Corinne Haney, another sophomore here at BHS, says “A good crying sesh and passing out” is an effective way to deal with her stress.

A great suggestion is to invest in some stress relief Bath and Body Works products, scented eucalyptus and spearmint. Lighting candles helps as well, some students from the BHS winter track team reported. Stress is something that will have to be managed beyond our years at high school, so the sooner we learn to manage, the better.

Some students work great under stress, others panic and flounder, what matters is properly managing it. Everybody is different and not all methods may apply to you. Many find scents and candles soothing, while some like to just nap the pain away. Others enjoy crying to let it all out. Students need to go through trial and error of managing stress until they find what works for them.