Go Present 100%!


Angela LaRusso and Valarie Bracken

Did you know that, glossolalia, the fear of public speaking, is the number one fear in the United States? Most people fear getting in front of others and sharing their thoughts; though nerve wracking for many,  there are many ways that you can improve speaking in front of groups. Whether big or small, overcoming the angst of presenting can be easier with these tips from published writers to help you get through speech making:


  1. Review your speech. According to Bates College, located in Maine, your speaking is supposed to be enhanced by your presentation, not the other way around. Sit down, and review your information. Using main points and key details can help create your a well-organized presentation. As simple as it may sound, it’s important to breathe and think about everyone else in the room that’s in the same position.
  2. Don’t make the slides too wordy.  The more you add to your slides the more you take away from your speech.  Keep it short and simple.
  3. Stay lively and keep the energy going. People often stand still as a board when they speak, but that just makes everyone uncomfortable. Use gestures and speak with emotion but, at the same time don’t get too hyper. Speaking too fast can make you sound unclear and nervous, take pauses to keep people engaged.
  4. Face your audience, not your notes. If you face the presentation, it makes you look unprepared, which makes a failing grade. Face your audience, and let your eyes focus on the audience.
  5. Last but not least… smile!  Even if you feel scared, smiling is a key detail to presenting. People will think that any mistake you make is intentional if you put on a smile, since it shows off some confidence. Stay confident and people will believe what you say. Remember, smiling is the most important feature to present!


AP Seminar student Sam Donohue says to, “talk slow so that you don’t find yourself stuttering. It all flows very nicely since you’re thinking about what you’re saying.”

Presenting is stressful, there’s no doubt about that. People are looking at you and it’s all you can think about i that situation. However, speaking is easy, reviewing is easy, and making claims are easy. Presenting is simply speaking about what you believe in. So, get up, relax and present!