Should the school allow kids to get food delivered to the school during school hours?


In our highschool, if you want food from outside of what our cafeteria has to serve you, you need one of two things to happen. One, you bring bring your food to the school yourself at 7:30. Or two, you have a parent or sibling bring you takeout or delivery. But what if you want food delivered by a postmate or a delivery man? It’s simple. The school will tell the delivery person to leave and confiscate the food, leaving you hungry, along with an empty pocket.


There are two sides to this story. On the school’s part, having food delivered by a postmate or such poses a security threat. A delivery person can have ill-intent while delivering to a school, or a person could pretend to be a delivery person to get into the school, then do whatever they planned to do. The principal, Mr. Jantz, says that he can’t see allowing students to have delivery at school in the near future. He says that it would be “Chaotic, it would pose security issues, and it would overwhelm the school staff”. Daniel Sheean, a senior at our school, said he ordered food from Domino’s a while ago. He got a pizza, but the catch was he had his friend’s mom deliver it for him, not the delivery person.


Now, on the other hand, the sides of the students, some see this as an unfair rule, others just don’t see the sense behind it. Some students have allergies that make them unable to eat the schools food, others just prefer to eat healthy, as we all know school lunches aren’t really the ‘best’ for students to be eating. What if a student has no money on them but has a card they can use to have food delivered, and since a parent may be unable to bring the student their food a delivery person has to bring it. Should the student’s money really be wasted on food that they brought? Mr. Jantz says that having food delivered to the food is inefficient, along with the fact that your order could be messed up, ruining the entire order, along with your lunch.  


Ultimately, it seems that students are going to have to deal with the school lunches or what mom packed them for now. Until further notice, the school will prohibit students from having food delivered to the school, no matter how hungry you are. Pack a snack or bring some cash, because your Taco Bell isn’t coming today, that is if you’re having it delivered.