First Time in 10 years: Varsity Soccer Conference Champions



After a long season, the girls varsity soccer team are Conference Champions. An undefeated season for the girls let us clinch that number one spot that we were hoping for since the beginning of the season. We had 7 wins, 0 losses and 3 ties.

Although the girls had lost their playoff game, we kept our heads held high knowing that we accomplished so much throughout the season. The last time a girls varsity soccer team coming from Bethpage had a conference win was in 2008. Winning was a big accomplishment for us as it was the first win in 10 years.

Our goalie, Giuliana Lavocca was hoping to get 1st place for most amount of saves in Nassau County- which she achieved. With 153 saves, it placed her at the top above any other goalie. This is the second year in a row that one of our goalies were in 1st place for their saves. Last year, our goalie Veronica Scruggs was also at the top with 164 saves.

As my last year playing soccer, I can say that there is no other team that I would have wanted to end it with. After being with these girls everyday, it was easy to form a bond with them that you can’t get anywhere else. From early 6am practices, bus rides coming home from games and late Applebees runs after a win you’re always guaranteed to have a good time being around this group of girls.

As sad as it is saying goodbye to the sport and this team, I know that what we accomplished this season will continue to happen for this group of girls for years coming. We have many talented girls on the team that helped us achieve a lot this season. I hope that they can get conference champions again next season and go even further than we did this year.