Bethpage Cheerleading and Football Raise Money for the Wounded Warrior Project


This fall, the BHS Cheerleading and Football teams supported and raised money for our empowering veterans that fight for our country everyday. BHS JV Cheerleading coach, Valerie Grosso, was in charge of the fundraising event. Custom shirts were made showing Bethpage pride and support for the Wounded Warrior Project and sold by the Cheerleaders and Football players for $25 at the Friday Night Lights Varsity Football game, who were both equally eager to raise money for a good cause and help their heroes. Shirts were purchased by parents and students and were proudly worn by all in support of the Wounded Warrior Project.


The Wounded Warrior Project is a selfless charity that helps an incredible number of veterans in the U.S. Junior Varsity Cheerleading, Coach Grosso said, “This charity assists veterans who have become ill, or who have been injured both physically, and or mentally [from] September 11, 2001.”.


When asked how the money helps the veterans, she added ,“…to help veterans transition from military to civilian life with respect to medical needs,education programs, sports programs, housing and employment.”


A common question teachers, students, and adults asked was, “how much money actually goes to the foundation?” Coach Grosso responded by saying, “in 2018, it is reported that approximately 73% of the funds donated goes directly towards services for veterans.”


The Junior Varsity cheerleaders happily took time out of their practice to create signs and posters depicting their love and support for American veterans. They proudly shouted, advertising the shirts for the crowd of the Varsity game, ready to make as many sales as they could. According to coach Grosso,” The donations to the Wounded Warrior Project totaled up to $1,000.00” The cheerleaders, football players, and even the coaches were astonished at how many donations they received and were incredibly happy knowing that it was going towards a great cause.