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The album kicks off with “King Tulip” a track explaining the issues Scrim and Ruby have faced since their sudden boost in popularity and growing fanbase. The song has a somber, gloomy sound while the boys rap over with lyrics about their loneliness and drug issues. The next track, “Bring Out Your Dead”, is a simple, loud, bass heavy instrumental that many older fans will appreciate. In “Nicotine Patches” the boys pay tribute to their heroes who have died. In this song they use a chorus which is unusual for the boys but definitely fits for this track. “10,000 Degrees” is a quicker paced track that shows off the duo’s great flow. In “122 Days” and “Phantom Menace”, the boys deliver two very different tracks that show their great ability to sound great while using different styles. In “Krewe di Vieux” and “WAR TIME ALL THE TIME” the duo uses very dark subject material that may turn some people away but will only pull their true fans even closer. For “Coma” the boys sampled Playa Fly’s, “Kreepin Out Da Kut”. This is not unusual since they have used samples of past musicians in the past, and his worked very well for many including this track. The next track “Long Gone (Save Me From This Hell)” deals with the subject of both member’s depression and difficulty to get through their everyday lives. Neither Scrim nor Ruby have very notable performances on this track making it one of the weaker ones, but the subject material is very meaningful. Both tracks, “Meet Mr. NICEGUY” and “Carrollton” were singles released before the full album and great tracks that show both, a new pop-like style that the duo is capable of in “Meet Mr. NICEGUY”, and the heavy grittier style that they are known for in “Carrollton”. The next track, “[email protected]#$ The Industry” is a direct hit at the music industry. This track shows how the boys completely disagree with the people within the industry and are signed to a small label, G59 Records, which allows them to be as creative and free as they want. This is a great track to begin to wrap up and slow down the album before the great climax, “I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel IV”. This track is actually three songs in one and is the next installment in the “I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel” series that fans have been anticipating. The three songs within this track are different but deal with similar material since they are still within the same track. Scrim and Ruby did a great job on their verses and the instrumentals in this track and wrapped up the album in a great way. This most likely left fans very satisfied as a result. I would give this album a 9/10 since it is not my absolute favorite of the duo’s albums, but it is still something I really enjoyed and has quickly become an album that I plan on listening to for a long time.


Many fans were happy with the album as a whole and believed that this was even some of the best we have heard from $uicideboy$. Bethpage High School’s Gavin Cafiero believes that this “perfectly embodies the Scrim and Ruby that we all know and love”. Although the duo isn’t very popular amongst many right now, the group is slowly starting to catch the attention of new fans, and their fanbase is beginning to grow. Our own Patrick Kerrigan has even said that he is attracted to “the groups sound and the deeper meaning in their songs.”

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