How New Students Can Feel More at Home at BHS


Being a new student isn’t always the easiest thing especially when you’re in high school.  At Bethpage High School it is no different. Students go through various issues: moving into a new house, trying to find new friends, trying to find classes, trying to be successful, and just trying to fit in.

Anastasija Petrovska was a new student at BHS during her freshman year. Ana (pronounced “Ann-uh”) started a month into the 2017-2018 school year.

Ana said, “I was the only person who was confused.” Ana “struggled to find [her] way around the school.” She said, “It’s hard to interact with people when they already have relationships.”

Many students have been going to Bethpage since kindergarten, sometimes even preschool, so they already have their solid friends, and some people aren’t open to letting a new person into their friend group. But many students are welcoming at BHS and offer to help. Perhaps some problems are psychological. Knowing that many new students struggle with these problems, BHS faculty—including social workers, guidance counselors, and school psychologists—are there to try to help students adjust better to their new schools.

Our very own, brand-new social worker, Ms.Glassman, relates to the new students on another level as well because she is also new to BHS.

Ms. Glassman said, “Although I am not new to the District, I am new, too, to the High School, and we will get to know it together.”

Not only is Ms. Glassman’s job is to help students feel more comfortable, she can also help and suggest actual things she is doing as a new faculty member to try and feel more comfortable.

To adjust, Ms. Glassman suggests that new students join sports, and if you are not into athletics, you can try and join clubs. Ms. Glassman also said that not only is she there, but “guidance counselors, psychologists, and also all the teachers” are also there to help new students in any way possible. She recommends that you be the most best and positive version of yourself, since this is a new start and a chance to make great first impressions.

The Eagle’s Cry suggests that BHS put some programs just for new students to help them feel more comfortable.

“A student helper from the same grade would have been great when I came here,” Anastasia said. “Someone with similar classes and lunch period to stick by you the first few days would have made all the difference.”

Maybe each grade could have a get-to-know-you party. If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments.