BHS Students Mourn Mac Miller


Mac Miller unfortunately passed away on September 7th, 2018,at the age of 26. He was found dead in his Studio City home, his death attributed to a drug overdose. Miller had touched the lives of many in his 26 short years on earth, including many Bethpage High School students.

Mac Miller was born in 1992, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He started rapping at the age of 15 and soon blew up during and after high school. His first mixtape was But My Mackin Ain’t Easy, released in 2007. He collaborated with a lot of well-respected artists—a few of those being Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, Kendrick Lamar—and was scheduled to tour with J.I.D. before his untimely death.

Many kids born in the late 1990s and early 2000s had the pleasure of growing up listen to Mac, and his many hits were “Senior Skip Day,” “Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza,” “Nikes on my Feet,” etc. His music impacted many BHS students.

Justin Saldana. BHS junior, said, “Yes. I listened to him often during my youth.  I listened to his music during many days I will remember for a long time.”

However, his mackin’ was never truly easy. His love life outside of music worried his fans and friends. Miller was already popular when he started dating pop singer Ariana Grande. After Grande and the rapper Big Sean separated, Mac and Ariana became closer and ultimately started dating in 2016.

They had remained best friends forever. But Mac struggled with addiction and substance abuse. Ariana tried to help, but ended up splitting from Mac, leaving him broken.Grande cited his overwhelming drug abuses as a leading factor in her split with him.

Mac Miller will be missed by the music industry and his friends will miss him. He affected so many people and lots of them were devastated by his early death.

Justin continued, “The whole thing is just very surreal. I was very upset, he had so much left to do. It’s a great loss in the music industry.”

Rest In Peace, Mac.