J.Cole 1985- Intro to “The Fall Off”


There has been much controversy in regards to popular rapper J. Cole’s new album “K.O.D.” —specifically  the song 1985. As this songs touches on the new generation of hip hop artists, J.Cole shares his feelings about the actions that these young stars partake in and share with the world. From face tattoos, drug abuse, and shallow love lives, J.Cole spits some knowledge on what he feels is actually important.

This made a huge wave in the hip hop world as it was quite obvious who J. Cole was throwing shots at. New wave rappers such as Lil Pump and Smokepurpp took their reactions and flooded instagram. Trolling social media, these two rappers made sarcastic jokes such as “Your favorite lyrical rapper” and even going as far as making songs with Kanye West, completely parodizing actual lyricists. I went out into the halls of BHS to get opinions on J.Coles song and their opinions on the beef between Cole and the new wave rappers.

“The immaturity level is very low in the new wave rappers, J.Cole needs to rise above these young rappers and just keep producing great music,” said student Johnny Thomaidis.

“J.Cole wasn’t even dissing the rappers as much as proving his point, because he knows he is a great rapper, ” said junior Chandler Torres.