The BHS Games Hall of Fame

The BHS Games Hall of Fame

Chromebooks have been handed out to students for educational usage, however, that took a different turn. During class, in lunch, and on free periods, chromebooks have been a good source for multiple activities like doing assignments last minute, doing homework before class, and studying for the test next period. But also, playing games is another option.

One of the many games that took BHS by storm was Cookie Clicker. Cookie Clicker was a game where you had to work your way through the various ranks to earn cookies. To be great at this game, you had to do one thing right, furiously click faster. This simple and hilarious game became a problem when the clicking went too far. But if you still want to play this game, you can’t, because its blocked. After this, some students went as far as to make a petition to get it unblocked.This is the very first instance BHS students taking a game too far.

The game that lasted for only a month, was a phenomenon that became an addiction for all. By trying to become the biggest blob, players had to collect smaller blobs as well as eating other opponents to become the biggest they can be. When playing, there is only one rule: eat or be eaten.

Raising a duckling somehow caught fire on BHS students. The game Duck Life allowed students to raise a virtual duck, becoming the best athlete it can be. With training the duck and feeding it, students were able to compete with their duck.

Running in space came to attention for students. In the game Run, students were able to control an alien that ran different courses in space. As you go up levels, the courses progressively become much more difficult. The objective of the game is to not fall in the holes and successfully get to the end of the track.

The final game in the BHS hall of fame is In this game you played as a snake trying to grow larger and stronger to rule the world of snakes, only to be taken out by a tiny snake that seemed to evade your every move. This game was so popular here at BHS it was blocked almost as soon as it was discovered.