Teachers with Tattoos?

Chandler Torres and Nicholas Valero

With tattoos becoming very popular in today’s day and age many questions are raised when it comes to the employment of people that have them. On our quest, deeper into the opinions on tattoos and employees, we wondered how teachers themselves feel about tattoos and even if they have any.

On our journey to find these answers, we encountered Mr. Whittemore in the halls of Bethpage, who gave a very honest answer to our question. Although Mr. Whittemore does not have any tattoos himself, he responded by saying it’s not his thing personally, but people should be free to do what they want. “I don’t think that tattoos are meant for everyone, especially not me,” he said.

Along with Mr.Whittemore, we got word from our very own Mr. Malossi as his answer was very clear. Malossi stated, “I feel that tattoos have no bearing upon work ethic.” We found that this response was the common answer for others that we asked. So why the stereotype?

As our society continually progresses, the idea that tattoos represent evil or inability needs to be changed. Without naming anyone specific, some of the most respectable people in our school have tattoos. It’s not what is on the outside, it’s whats on the inside.