Hack-Attack The Hero

Chandler Torres, Reporter

Mr. Hack is just any ordinary gym teacher during the school day, but after school Mr. Hack was recognized as a true hero. He also is a full time lifeguard and and an all out power house in the weight room. On March 17, as Mr. Hack was doing an after school lifeguarding lesson, one of his students started seizing while in the water. His natural instinct was to jump in the water and save the kids life. Luckily Mr. Hack, who is lifeguard certified, saved this young boy’s life. Mr. Hack  will go down as a hero in the eyes of students in Bethpage High School and especially to the kid who he saved.


Mr. Hack’s quick reflexes and intuition the day of helped to save this kids life. These classes are usually after school or during the weekends where Mr. Hack teaches kids the safety precautions necessary to save swimmers lives. Ironically whatever Hack was teaching these kids during the training he used himself to save his life. Mr. Hack will forever be looked up to from this day on.