Boy Scouts for Boys? Girl Scouts for Girls?

Boy Scouts for Boys? Girl Scouts for Girls?

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America began admitting female scouts.  However, they have greatly miscalculated on this one. Boys should stay in Boy scouts while girls should stay in Girls scouts. Why? Because it’s in the name: BOY scouts…and GIRL scouts.

Gender equality has been a subject for hundreds of years in many countries and is still as big as ever today. Wages, birth, and all the other discussions on equality have been acceptable, but the not the scouts organization? Why?

The Boy Scouts of America was founded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1910, with the Girls Scouts of America following two years after. Girl Scouts builds “girls of courage, confidence, and character,” who “make the world a better place.” Boy Scouts are for boys and young men. Their organization “provides youth training in character, citizenship, and mental and personal fitness.” So why are girls trying to join Boy Scouts and vice versa?

Girls want to be in Boy Scouts because in their opinion, the opportunities in Boy Scouts are more appealing than in Girls Scouts. Some of them even want no gender involved in the title, and just be a general “Scouts.”

These ideas are absolutely idiotic.

Girls wanting to join Boy Scouts over Girl Scouts for more “interesting activities” absolutely ridiculous. First off, why wouldn’t you focus on fixing the problems in Girl Scouts rather than joining another organization meant for boys? I find it absolutely mind blowing.

Even the Chief Executive Officer of the Girl Scouts, Sylvia Acevedo, doesn’t seem like she enjoys the ideas: “We were really taken aback because we were just told of this decision and they just announced it,” she recently tweeted. The girls who join Boy Scouts of America cannot use the excuse that Boy Scouts feature more activities and programs than Girl Scouts, since Acevedo also said they “have the best leadership programs designed for girls and we know what it takes for girls to succeed.” Note that Acevedo is also a rocket scientist–literally. Even Acevedo doesn’t want girls joining Boy Scouts.

Ha! Bet you thought I didn’t want girls to join Boy Scouts because I’m a man and I hate women. But I don’t hate women. However, when the woman running the organization doesn’t want girls to join Boy Scouts more than Boys do, it’s a problem.

Boy Scouts of America is also at fault for the situation, so don’t think this article is just ripping into the female side; I’m not a misogynist. After going deeper down into the rabbit hole, Boy Scouts apparently immediately decided to allow girls in their organization.

Even with all this said, there are many girls around the world fighting to try to get into Boy Scouts. The big question is why? Why are these girls trying so hard to get into the Boy Scouts? The biggest reason I’ve heard was that Boy Scouts receive more opportunities than in Girl Scouts, such as the Eagle Scouts. First off, this idea that you can find more opportunities in Boy Scouts rather than in Girl Scouts is silly.

Do you know how a major change could happen that would last for years and be written in history? Not by running away from the problem. If you want what the Boy Scouts have, then fix the problems in Girl Scouts. Even if they got into the Boy Scouts they complained they couldn’t reach the Eagle Scouts because of their gender. I don’t know how anyone got this idea when the chance of being a Eagle Scout is less than five percent.

So really, everyone, just do everyone a favor and stick to the organization that is specifically and explicitly meant for your genders.