BHS Stays Open During Storm


Yesterday the East Coast suffered yet another nor’easter, and Bethpage schools remained open again to the dismay of many students and teachers, although some did not want to lose a day off their spring break.

“[There were] treacherous conditions, especially for little kids or kids who don’t get the bus and [have to] walk,” said sophomore Eirini Drosos.  A few students were seen walking to both JFK and BHS in the snow, having to walk in the street to navigate piles of snow.

The attendance office was instructed to mark students that missed first period or showed up late as present, which speaks to the high volume of students that were late to school, missing valuable class time because of harsh weather.  

Four car accidents were rumored to have been reported to BHS involving students; two of which were confirmed seniors on their way to school.  “The roads were so dangerous…” said student Cat Panella who was involved in one of the crashes. “…I couldn’t believe we had a full day with the conditions outside.” Seniors also reported that the senior parking lot was blanketed in snow, so students couldn’t see the lines to park safely.

“Knowing my friends got into accidents was scary and it was frustrating knowing we had to be here when it wasn’t safe,” said senior Hajarah Dar.

The snow had stopped by around 10 in the morning, meaning a delayed start would’ve still been in the midst of the storm.  “I didn’t even go to school,” said an anonymous BHS student who couldn’t get to school in the storm conditions. The school faced increased absences; many students missed a day of instruction that they now have to catch up on because of the weather.  Plowing hadn’t begun until about 8:00, and still many side streets hadn’t been plowed before that.