Bethpage Considers Metal Detectors in Wake of the Parkland Shooting


Brian Saccone, Reporter

There have been several school shootings since 2018 began, and many before that: Columbine High School in 1999 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

School shootings worry teachers, students, and parents alike. Recently, Bethpage High School added more security guards, and two security guards are now stationed by the main door. You may also notice that the security desk has been moved closer to the main door, and the school has ordered IDs for students that must be worn at all times. Teachers also have had those IDs for a while, but many never wear them. They now have to wear them at all times. But the administration says that more has to be done, like possibly metal detectors used in the Bethpage School District. Possibly, I should say that metal detectors can save our lives in the Bethpage School District,

Metal detectors are seen in most sports stadiums, concerts, big amusement parks, and in airports. They are used for safety reasons and to prevent major terrorist events in these places, but should they be in schools to prevent future school shootings?
Others say that metal detectors are a lot of money, there’s a lot of work into it and it can take a long time until the students can get into the school and their first period classes.

The Board of Education will still be looking more for the pros and cons of having metal detectors and the plans will be released before the next Board of Education meeting. The administration says that “metal detectors is one of our options for increasing school security.”
Superintendent Mr. Clark expressed his way that “metal detectors [can] help [school districts] prevent weapons for coming into the building, but metal detectors could be messaged that schools are prisons, and a place where we are not welcoming children or giving good education, but we are still exploring all the pros and cons of the use of metal detectors in the school grounds.”