Horns: Book Review

Horns: Book Review

Nicole Massaro, Features Editor

Mrs. Bertrand-Loesch recently created  a 21st century book club, which she hopes will become a listed club for Bethpage High School in the near future. We, so far, have chosen a specific genre to read within rather than all read the same exact book, helping everyone of all different reading levels to feel comfortable.

The students at BHS can use this as “a great outlet for them to come together and talk about the books they love,” Mrs. Bertrand-Loesch excitedly stated, specifying that the club welcomes everyone.

When you think about it, most of the good ideas came along to make sin a whole lot easier.”

— Joe Hill, Horns

Horns, a story of Ig Perrish who one night got drunk after getting into a disagreement with his girlfriend, Merrin, is a thrilling horror that guarantees a heart-throbbing reading adventure. Waking up groggy and hungover the next morning, Ig mopes over to his mirror only to be frightened by his own reflection, one in which he has never seen himself with horns.

These horns, similar to those of the devil, cause Ig’s “conversations” to consist of the sick, twisted thoughts of others, whether he wants to hear them or not.

The murder of his girlfriend remained a mystery to him for years. The people closest to him no longer trust him, and it feels as though everyone in his life has abandoned him. Everyone except, the Devil inside of him, that is.