Spirit Week Begins Monday


2018 is the first year in which there will be two spirit weeks.  The first starts this Monday with Patriotic Day: a day to wear red, white, and blue.  But, that’s not the only thing that’s changing.

As many students know, each day of Spirit Week has a different theme that requires students to wear clothes that match that theme.  Every student that participates is counted and that number goes towards their class’s overall points on Battle of the Classes on March 2.  Historically, students that dressed up would go to the auditorium during homeroom to sit with their class and be counted by a teacher.  However, this year, the student council decided to count students during lunch periods and seniors during their English class, since many of them go out for lunch.  

This has raised concerns for many underclassmen who do not have a lunch period.  However, the Student Council encourages these students to see Mrs. Sestak during a free period to be counted.

Since the length of Spirit Week has been doubled, the scoring is a bit different as well.  Only five out of the ten of the days will actually be counted towards every class’s score.  These days will be chosen at Battle, one by each team.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate every day though because you will not know which day is counted until after the weeks have passed.

The schedule above has every day’s theme.  Good luck to each class at this year’s battle!