Marine Science Club Visits the Fire Island Lighthouse


Gavin Trzcinski, Reporter

Last month, the Marine Science club took a trip to the Fire Island Lighthouse. On this trip we got to do a couple of things while we were there. The first thing we did there was climb to the top of the lighthouse. The top of the lighthouse we were 167 feet in the air and even though it was very windy, the view was still incredible.

After enjoying the view our tour guide took us up to the very top of the lighthouse. While we were there the guide showed us how the light operates. We got to see how the light rotates and the guide even turned it on so we could see just how bright it is, It was so bright that we couldn’t look directly at it!

After going to see the lighthouse we went to go and see the old fresnel lens that was in the old Fire Island Lighthouse. This lens is that they used to use to send light miles out into the ocean. Inside the lens was a tiny lightbulb but the lens lit up the entire room. This lens was in use before electricity so this lens was powered with only a small candle!

When talking to Caden Kenny-McGowan who went on this trip they said that overall they thought that “the trip was interesting because he had never been to the lighthouse before” and that their favorite part of the trip was “when we all went to the top of the lighthouse to see the light.”